CEOforLIFE Manifesto



1. “Unconsciously living life”

We often live chasing after fake goals, like Pavlov’s dog and bell experiment. We spend most of our days pursuing a thousand-bell sequential sounds in a never-ending journey that will never make us feel completely satisfied nor “be fed” by any of those bells.
In fact, each bell is not food. Is there then a reason why we chase it and where is our food? We were “influenced” (or “programmed”, as many nowadays would say).  But by who? History, economy, social or cultural events that have been shaping Humanity for decades, who knows?  
One of the masterpieces, globally recognized by Cinema Industry, that best describes this concept is “Matrix”, when agent Smith (a software) illustrates to one of the main characters, Morpheus (a human being), the virtual/real world where he lives:

“Have you ever stopped to observe it? To admire its beauty? Its brilliance?
Tons of people unconsciously living their lives. Did you know the first Matrix was originally designed as an ideal human world? Where suffering was unheard of 
 and where joy and happiness reigned. It was a complete disaster. Nobody could relate to it, entire crops were decimated. Among us someone actually thought about … coding-related technical mistakes on the description of your ideal world, as for me,
I think that as a species, human beings recognize their own state of misery and suffering

The culture of "Life before Profit"

“Do not let your soul grow numb”

Pope Francis to the GMG Youth
I am convinced that the eternal and universal fight between good and evil is definitely accelerating lately and even the Holy Father often denounces some dramatic, hidden effects of it. It is sufficient to take a look to what is occurring, as for instance, the climate and especially to human-kind’s behaviour that too frequently, in a total insensitive way, personally contribute on purpose, or practically consent to iterate real and proper acts of life assault, at all levels and in many ways.
“Matrix is a system, Neo…but when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it”.
(Morpheus to Neo – Matrix)

2. “A sense of emptiness”

I was so touched by a statement of Muhammad Yunus,
Nobel Peace Prize
“I always felt quite a thrill teaching my students that Economics theories were able to answer all kinds of economic questions. I was utterly enchanted by the magnificence and elegance of those theories. Then, all of a sudden, I started feeling a sense of emptiness. What was the purpose of all those magnificent theories, if there were people starving under bridges and on street corners?”.
I decided to do something about it. Just like him, and make my contribution.
I started thinking about how I could make a difference to the best of my abilities, what I could offer and which resources I could draw from to create an impact and make things better. 

This sense of emptiness pushed me to make a trip!

3. The Trip (and the Trick)

CEO for Life stems from a strong and irrepressible need to fully understand “the trick”.
Explore, discover, love and “truly” live life.
A desire that many people I have encountered, who just like me are not really living their life to the full, but in a dormant almost unconscious way. They trudge along day in, day out over and over again, doing heaps of activities
with no real purpose or meaning in life.

4. “It might be possible”

Never stop trying to understand, always question why things happen,
always try to improve things, this is the spirit in which i intend to advocate with many CEOs (and not only) a better future, “a new Renaissance for mankind”.

As stated by Luigi Anepeta (doctor, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst):

“Anthropocentrism, the naturalization of historical reality, the homogenisation based on social belonging, the steady adoption  of self-defence mechanism are distinct aspects but are all part of  the mystification process in which men live in a state of naive realism that prevents him from asking himself why the world is like it is and not different and better“.
Luigi Anepeta

Anepeta states, but in the meantime, we must work on developing and accomplishing “Projects for Life” by making “promote life” our daily motto in every way possible. Citing Anapeta once again, we must  “pursue the urge to not be discouraged and continue understanding…

A human-scaled world, however intended (I see it as characterised by accepting human nature with its strengths and weaknesses, by refusing every mystification, illusion, myth or prejudice, by respecting oneself and others, by solidarity, by empathy), might be possible”.

Giordano Fatali

“An insatiable seeker, in love with Life”

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