It is our selection of the most sensitive and committed CEOs on SDGs, meaning the ones that can be definied as CEOforLIFE and/or SDGs Ambassadors.

"Sustainability is not a cost, but an investment that makes companies more attractive to both consumers and final investors"

Carlo Tamburi CEO & President Enel Italia 

"In order to achieve future-proof development it is necessary to be much more collaborative, open, transversal. I must always be able to have this big picture, which is nothing more than the purpose, that is basically the real goal, the view that goes beyond one's company perimeter. All this includes the typical issues of corporate social responsibility, the environment and the care of people, its collaborators and collaborators of collaborators; but also the idea that the company can give value to the society in which it operates and can speak with the institutions to make a contribution about the future "

Maximo Ibarra CEO Sky Italia

“The biggest challenge begins now with the contribution we can make to the raise of our economy. We are a sector with a significant weight in the country and we can be a fundamental part of Italy's recovery plan. We want to be alongside the institutions and all the productive and social forces to make our contribution through the cornerstones of our mission and lay solid foundations for the development of a sustainable economy "

Maria Bianca Farina, President ANIA & Fondazione ANIA

​Alberto Chiarini CEO Eni gas e luce

"Man remains at the center of every decision-making process and Thanks to technology, artificial intelligence is available to the human factor to increase knowledge and skills, without forgetting aspects such as ethics and responsibility in the use of data"

Enrico Cereda, General Manager Technology
IBM EMEA & Presidente IBM Italia

"If we look to the future, we cannot not contemplate the economic, social and ethical role of companies in restoring value not only for their employees, but also to society and the environment that surrounds them. For this reason, in our role as CEO, we are called at the forefront to commit ourselves completely to the issues of Corporate Social Responsibility, to promote an economy with low CO2 emissions and true social inclusion, to guarantee a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable world, especially for young people. It will be precisely the ability to enhance and include diversity, of gender but also of skills, leveraging synergistically on the different and complementary knowledge and skills, to guide the evolution and growth, both economic, social and cultural, towards a better future that recovers the centrality of the human being "

Paola Corna Pellegrini CEO  Allianz Partners Italia 

"The public and the private sector will have to work together to combine all the solutions and to achieve the common objectives, from the reduction of pollution to that of public land. The best possible solution is that of the full hybrid electric. The best possible compromise between performance, requests, consumption and emissions "

Mauro Caruccio Managing Director  Toyota Financial Services Italia, President & Managing Director Toyota Fleet Mobility Italia  

 “The exhibition sector is constantly and rapidly changing. The transition phase we are going through deserves great attention. We have important challenges to face: we are called to rewrite the future together. At the beginning of 2021 we will present a new strategic plan to the market, which will take into account the profoundly changed context and the start of a so-called new normal phase ” 

 Luca Palermo Group CEO Fiera Milano

"With the awareness that the health of the planet and of people are highly interdependent, we continue to study and implement solutions that concern the environment by promoting the responsible use of resources. For years we have been at the forefront of reducing food waste, investing in renewable energy, supporting the green mobility of our employees, and donating trees to Italian cities ”

Fabrizio Gavelli  General Manager
Danone  Specialized Nutrition South Europe

“The creation of shared value accurately measures our commitment. It’s the share of gross operating margin resulting from our activities that, in addition to generating returns for the company, contribute to the selected objectives of the 2030 UN Agenda”

Stefano Venier CEO Gruppo HERA

"Significant progress has been made against gender discrimination in the healthcare industry but being a woman in Lundbeck has never been a problem, rather a value: before signing the contract I discovered I was pregnant and communicated it to the company, but they did not set me any kind of obstacle, on the contrary, they eliminated my trial period ” 


Tiziana Mele  Managing Director Lundbeck Italia

"We support the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development for 2030, with particular attention to the objectives related to the world of work. With the Human Age Institute Foundation, we help projects that have to do with the communities and social tissues of the territories in which we operate, with the aim of developing people, organizations and society. "People in Action" supports situations of fragility within the ecosystem of companies and associations with psychological guidance and support "

Riccardo Barberis  Amministratore Delegato ManpowerGroup Italia
Presidente Fondazione Human Age Institute

“We bet on soft skills and teamwork. Now more than ever Health lives on contamination of research, knowledge, professionalism. Today the key is to pool clinical studies and pathways to open up new opportunities and bear the costs of innovation "

Marcello Cattani President & Managing Director Sanofi Italy & Malta

“We supported sectors we see as very important, like renewable energy, because they can generate employment. We focus on those sectors where employment has to be safeguarded and we do this by protecting the cashflow of companies”.

Massimo Falcioni CEO Etihad Credit Insurance (ECI)

“Our philosophy is not to want to make profits too quickly. It's about taking our time and doing things right ”

Giacomo Cortesi CEO Serapian
Managing Director Pelletteria Richemon

"In these difficult times it has become clear that Italy and the world need a solid digital foundation. My goal is to provide Nokia's technology and innovation to address these challenges and support our customers in offering digital technologies and services "

Giuseppina Di Foggia CEO & Vice President Nokia Italia S.p.A.

“Sustainability is now an essential transversal value for all organizations, investors, institutions, but also citizens and the whole society considers it as such. The fundamental point is that it is necessary to act together, in agreement, between institutions, investors, companies, academies, in order to be able in some way to propose this value not only in a disorganized and individual way but in an organic and systematic way. We as the Luiss business school are investing in ethics, responsibility and sustainability as a central element in shaping the cultural model of today's and tomorrow's leaders. Our main claim is 'Leader for a better world' "

Paolo Boccardelli Presidente Supervisory Board Scuola Politica 

“Digitization is playing a fundamental role and SogeI represents, for domains, services and critical data of national strategic interest, an activator of digital ecosystems. In the era of the digital economy, data value is the central paradigm around which new and future business models are born, capable of contributing to the increase in levels of economic growth and technological development. We believe in change as an engine to generate innovation and we aim for a culture of respect, we are aware that the country needs a public administration that strengthens competitiveness and favors new development models for all players. It is necessary to build an ever wider digital ecosystem, which includes startups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, universities and research institutes, civil society and citizens with the aim of finding together innovative solutions to the challenges of public policies "

Andrea Quacivi CEO  Sogei

"In my vision, industrial performance goes hand in hand with respect for the environment as we want to continue to create jobs and sustainable economic development for the communities and territories in which we are present and operate. Over the last 10 years, the growth of production capacity at the Rome, Bari and Padua plants went hand in hand with green development and sustainable growth: electricity (-30.5%), thermal energy (-41.7%), water consumption (-42.5 %), recycled waste (-99.6%), CO2 (-30%). It is our intention as a Group to achieve zero CO2 emissions by 2050. We will therefore continue our commitment to improve production performance, but with great attention towards the environment. The link with Italy and with the territories in which we operate must be a daily commitment "

Enrico Galasso President & Managing Director  Birra Peroni

"A real rudder is the one built today, together with the CEOs of the ELIS Consortium, to guide the responsibility of companies towards the community and people, in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Investing in human capital is the route, it is our responsibility to follow it"

​Pietro Cum CEO ELIS 

“It is not necessary to change women, but to create the right work environment in which they can express their potential. If we embrace gender diversity and diversity more generally, new ideas and creativity will come as a result. I promote diversity because I think it can bring more interesting perspectives into life and work. However, diversity is already a reality "

Kristin Engvig Founder & CEO  WIN & WINConference

“To make the people who listen to us feel good, we must do well. Those who work here can use the gym, train with electric bikes and much more. Then there is RDS Beauty, there is a free health prevention program, personalized onboarding and growth paths. In summary, here you work, create, entertain in a continuous cycle and for this you have to feel good. Above all, everyone can, and must, make their contribution, throw in a proposal, an idea. It is necessary to overcome the idea of ​​the employee and the boss: the employee does not oppose each other, he allies himself " 

Massimiliano Montefusco
General Manager RDS

“Growth and creation value are strictly correlated for Acea to the achievement of sustainability objectives which increasingly characterize the performance indicators. The Business Plan that we presented last week considerably increases the weight of sustainability in the business choices and operational management of the Group. In the current context of crisis due to the health emergency, utilities can play an important role in the path of economic recovery "

Giuseppe Gola  CEO Acea

“We live in a period of great changes, many of which are driven by technological progress that proceeds at an unprecedented pace. Ours, however, is also an era of great challenges, that of making this progress shared and sustainable, starting with how we use the resources at our disposal. At HPE, we have embraced these challenges and made them an integral part of our business, setting ourselves ambitious goals. For example, we aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 55% over the next 5 years, and we are also doing this through an energy efficiency plan. In this context, the support for the Italia In Classe A campaign also wants to be evidence of the effort and commitment of an international company that operates responsibly at the local level "

Stefano Venturi
Presidente e Amministratore Delegato
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Italia

"A particularity that I think it is important to point out is the attention to sustainability, we were the first to create a photovoltaic system as the largest car park in all of Brianza. 

When we developed the first cancer products, besides being expensive they weren't so profiled, so we developed payment models that are called risk sharing and paper performance. The concept was: I understand that these drugs are expensive and that I don't know which patient it will work on, so I take responsibility for giving the money back to the state if the drug fails. This model of paper performance or risk sharing was reported as a winning model applied by Italy on the Washington Post 3 years ago" 

Maurizio de Cicco President & CEO Roche 


“I am honored to support the Amrop Partnership in our mission to deliver peerless trusted leadership. Amrop is a remarkably agile, refined and intellectually-stimulating firm, an enriching and diverse group of professionals. In light of the situation that is currently being experienced across the world, we can anticipate a profound evolution in the kind of leadership needed by our clients, our candidates, and the stakeholders they serve. In particular, a more ethical, responsible and sustainable approach will be called for going forward, and Amrop is well positioned to meet that need”

Annika Farin Global Chair  Amrop

“Our goal is to continue and strengthen the already consolidated environmental policies of which our Company has always been a promoter. In fact, since 2007, the company has been making eco-responsible purchases and consumption, encouraging ecological behavior, with particular attention to energy and water saving and the differentiated recovery of materials. We work to spread culture and respect for the environment in the company, involving our employees in numerous initiatives aimed at containing pollution. It is a gesture of respect to ensure a better and more sustainable future for the new generations ”

Pierre Cordier CEO & General Manager  Groupama Assicurazioni S.p.A.

“Bosch is driven by the desire to develop a technology for life that can excite, improve people's quality of life and help safeguard the planet's natural resources. This means always looking ahead with particular attention to future generations by constantly pursuing the sustainability goal "

Fabio Giuliani General Manager Bosch Italy & Greece

"We all have to become even more responsible, think about the development of new more sustainable materials, the circular economy and the creative reuse of what we have"

Francesca Di Carrobio  CEO Hermès Italia

“Today we must be able to reconcile respect for natural resources with safeguarding work. Furthermore, it is an obligatory push in consideration of European policies and it is a priority that we will set ourselves. Sustainability must be both environmental and economic”

Riccardo Di Stefano President Giovani Imprenditori Confindustria

"The purpose of eFM is to engage places for a better life and we immediately felt it resonate within an initiative that sees CEOs as the lever to promote collective life and improve the prospects that lie ahead. 

We like to think of ourselves as a platform company, which sees an opportunity in other companies and in general in all the factors that affect social life. Opportunities to co-build innovation, opportunities to dialogue and share resources, information, opportunities to be nodes of the same ecosystem. 

In CeoForLife we ​​recognized this same purpose, we felt represented in the idea of ​​a shared social impact. We, like many other companies, have concrete sustainability objectives in the SDGs but we are convinced that only in relation to the activities and actions of others will we be able to really affect the surrounding environment" 

Daniele Di Fausto CEO eFM 

​"CONI and Sport and Health promotes issues related to sustainable development and, in particular, to equitable and sustainable well-being with the aim of evaluating the progress of the sports world not only from an economic point of view, but also from a social and environmental point in line with the objectives of the "2030 Agenda" on Sustainable Development, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Therefore, Sport, also plays an important role in education for more sustainable lifestyles and the training of managers, technicians and operators in the sports sector " 

Giovanni Malagò President CONI

“Our environmental policy is part of a broader context of managing sustainability issues. Our environmental policy outlines the commitment to achieve the objectives for the reduction of environmental impacts. It constitutes the reference framework for the company's strategy and areas of intervention in the environmental field”

Ernesto Mauri Amministratore Delegato Gruppo Mondadori 


“An even more interesting challenge awaits us [...]. We are faced with a context in which the ways of interaction between people and companies will change. This closely concerns our sector, our activities and we think that the best way to remain competitive is to offer new solutions, designed for a new general situations" 

Antonio Turroni CEO Covisian

“Acquedotto Pugliese manages an essential public property and sustainability is in the very nature of the Integrated Water Service. The commitment in favor of the principles of sustainability shows that the Company is increasingly attentive and committed to guaranteeing its stakeholders an action in line with the ten principles of the Global Compact. A company, therefore, respectful of human and labor rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption"

Simeone di Cagno Abbrescia President Acquedotto Pugliese

"Technology, innovation and sustainability are key elements in shaping the future of real estate. The customer-centric strategy oriented towards technology, sustainability and its strong sense of purpose, offer a unique platform to re-imagine and reinvent our cities, the real estate sector and the way we live " 

Barbara Cominelli CEO Italy Jones Lang LaSalle SpA


“APCO is particularly sensitive to the issue of sustainability, which is part of the fundamental values that shape the ethical vision of the professionals who we bring together, qualify and represent. Sustainability is also integrated into the reference technical legislation that defines the requirements for carrying out the professional activity of management consultants and the methods of providing the related services. APCO for these reasons is committed to systematic actions aimed at spreading this culture and will also be present this year at the Sustainable Development Festival promoted by ASviS” 

Paolo Compostella Managing Director APCO Worldwide’s Italy

"Climate change, social inclusion, the development of emerging economies and the smart use of scarce resources are among the crucial challenges we face today. Societe Generale is one of the founding banks for the Principles for Responsible Banking, and has been pioneering the “Positive Impact Finance”  which calls for a new paradigm: turning Sustainable Development Goals into business opportunities for our clients by developing new financing solutions to bring about the sound and sustainable development of societies"   

Gianluca Soma Head of International Retail Banking for Europe & Group Country Head for Russia  Société Générale

“It is evident that when one is part of such a cohesive community, the daily work becomes easier, the merits are more easily recognized. Coordinating all this, listening to collaborators every day, building new challenges and new projects together with them, is truly a revolution. Customers perceive this positive climate and the results testify to the enormous potential of this different approach to work and business, which focuses on people, their values ​​and their happiness " 

Marilù Guglielmini Board Member  Fondazione Libellula

“We coined the concept of Multi Circle Economy. Most of our trades can be traced back to reuse"

Massimiliano Bianco CEO Iren


“Attention to prevention is more important than ever and, on the occasion of our tenth year of activity in Italy, we have decided to support the "CareReady Mobile Diagnostic" initiative promoted by WelfareCare, to offer an opportunity for prevention to the women of Brugherio as a tangible sign of our commitment in the area” 

Paolo Penati CEO QVC Italia

"We have decided to adopt a sustainability policy, based on principles that are aimed at achieving corporate performance arising from responsible and sustainable choices, as well as in line with market needs"

Roberto Giacchi CEO Italiaonline 

"In a post-Covid scenario, the economy can be restarted only if it is understood that digital is the fundamental lever for constant and sustainable development. A strategic investment in new technologies and industrial production processes requires adequate industrial policies. The Intelligent Factory Cluster represents an ideal table to cultivate all this and interact with the institutions in an appropiate way. With the Digitaliani program we have been dedicating ourselves for years to digital training and re-skilling now we have decided to invest also in this important aspect"

Agostino Santoni Vice Presidente Sud Europa Cisco

“We are at a crucial point in shaping the future of our economic, social and health system. The current global crisis is accelerating the disruption and the need of a digital re-invention"

Stefano Rebattoni CEO IBM Italia