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Is a business model feasible that does not have profit as its sole purpose, but broader horizons that tend to human well-being and, more generally, to the health of the planet? This model is not only feasible, it already exists. The experience of CEOforLIFE – a community that brings together over 100 subjects including CEOs, entrepreneurs, institutions, universities, young people, media, etc. – testifies to the daily commitment of the various stakeholders to really produce goods and services that meet the needs of the person, placing them at the center with their value system. In addition to being a community, CEOforLIFE is a cultural movement that arises from a profound awareness: an ecological transition is certainly needed, but an ethical transition is also needed “, indeed, before the ecological one, the industrial one, we must intervene to promote development models and of consumption that are children of the post-pandemic era. With our community, we have seen the spread of an approach to work that goes beyond the logic of dividends and mere profit to generate value for the company and for the territory. Being sustainable, in fact, must no longer be perceived as a cost, but as an investment to increase one’s competitiveness. And the data show us that this is the right way: as highlighted by the Greenitaly Report di Symbola and Unioncamere, green companies and cohesive reacted better to the economic shock caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to a survey also carried out by Symbola and Unioncamere in October 2020, those who converted to the green philosophy have become (and will probably remain) more resilient than others. Among the companies that invested in sustainability, 16% managed to increase their turnover, against 9% of non-green companies, while those oriented towards 4.0 in 2020 saw an increase in turnover in 20% of cases. Green and digital together strengthen the competitive capacity of Italian companies. With the CEOforLIFE Mag we will give voice to all those entrepreneurial experiences that are emblematic of an economy on a human scale, we will talk about new business models that are spreading and that an initiative like CEOforLIFE wants to put into a system, placing them at the basis of a collective effort by companies, national and international institutions, organizations and individuals, to ensure that the focus on sustainability makes a further qualitative leap and becomes the engine of both a social and economic recovery. Through this editorial appointment, we will closely follow the work of the 6 working groups activated within the CEOforLIFE PNRR Task Force, to share and submit to the institutions concrete proposals and projects for implementing the national development plan.


The challenge of sustainability and fair and lasting development in fact requires joint work and the creation of partnerships with high added value, in which each person shares their skills, contributing to the growth of the entire community. It is this spirit of service for the community and for the common good that the CEOforLIFE Community will share with readers through this new channel, with an invitation: be protagonists of change with us, starting from your daily choices!

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